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Research Museum Archival Project

The goal of this project is to:

  • Archive all of the historical materials and digitize documents, images, and videos at The Shafter Research Station. 

  • Transfer valulable historical weather, water, soil, and cultural data.

  • Facilitate knowledge creation and preservation.

Research Museum Audio/Video Studio

The goal of this project is to establish a digital audio/video studio where historical accounts and insights of past generations can be captured and preserved for the future.

Other Projects

Healthy Fields - Healthy Foods Program

The Foundation Internship Program is an initiative focused towards the next generation of agricultural professionals. The internship program is a proactive and highly selective program with the goal of identifying and developing the best and brightest minds for the betterment of California agriculture.  

Agricultural Research Program

The Foundation Agricultural Research Program is an initiative focused on identifying issues that are vital to the overall benefit of the agriculture industry. There is research NOT being conducted that could potentially produce fundamental benefits to agriculture, because, there is not enough funding for the issue. The Foundation Agricultural Research Program funds are used to facilitate new research.

Special Projects and Funds


Fund A Select Project - You restrict the use of your contribution.



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