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Healthy Fields - Healthy Foods Program


This new program has several areas of emphasis: Agronomy, Engineering, Culinary Arts, Food Science & Nutrition, and Marketing.


Agronomy focus: Production Practices and Plant Breeding. Students will learn the fundamentals of plant breeding and to conduct supervised experiments in order to create a variety of crops that result in healthier food products.


Engineering focus: Food Production/Processing, Harvest/Post Harvest, Handling/Storage, Food Preparation, Packaging, and Delivery Systems. Engineering students will be involved with every stage of the project by helping find efficient ways to complete the necessary tasks.


Culinary Arts focus: Recipe Creation, Menu Selection, and Nutrition Selection. Students will experiment with the different variations of the product which will lead to the development of healthier recipes.


Food Science & Nutrition focus: Food Evaluation and Quality/Improvement. Students will explore ways to improve the nutritional content of food products.


Marketing focus: Consumer research. Advertising and promotion. Product distribution. Students will establish and execute marketing plans for products developed by the program.

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