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Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety

Health and safety are of the utmost concern to California FARMS Foundation, especially when it comes to our products. The Foundation conducts its food processing operations within a state of the art facility registered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration.  (US Food Facility Registration # 10409995458) Safety and quality are ensured in our facility through protocols developed specifically for the processing and handling of our food products. As part of our protocols, our facility is regularly inspected for cleanliness and samples are obtained from every product batch and submitted to an independent testing lab which analyzes the samples for the presence of any potential food contaminants. These analyses include testing from Food Microbiological Laboratories, Inc., one of the most reputable testing labs in the industry.  Only food products that pass all quality and safety tests are permitted for distribution and sale.  That is our commitment to every customer who buys a product from California FARMS Foundation’s Healthy Fields – Healthy Foods program.



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