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Espelette Pepper Seasoning



  • Traditionally cultivated in the Pyrenees Mountains in the Basque region on the border of France and Spain

  • Initially used for medicinal purposes and later became a popular condiment

  • Keystone in basque culture today

  • Annual Espelette Pepper Festival in Espelette France


Why is it healthy?

  • Some research suggests that chile peppers, such as espelette peppers, can stimulate digestion, improve circulation and can aid in the absorption of nutrients.


Why buy espelette pepper seasoning?

  • As a flavor enhancer for your favorite dishes

  • Moderately Spicy

  • Complements a variety of different foods


Why did Healthy Fields - Healthy Foods program select the Espelette Pepper?

  • The pepper is highly productive in the soil and climate of California's central valley.

  • Productivity - Approximately 60 peppers per plant

  • Very light carbon footprint (good for the environment!)

  • The espelette pepper is a strong plant, well-suited for the student learning process.


Our Espelette Peppers are an All Natural Product. No Fertilizers, Pesticides, or Preservatives were used.



Espelette chili won 1st place  in a California school district cookoff.

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